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Investing via EquityBee Can Be Simpler

Investing via EquityBee Can Be Simpler

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For some, simply hearing the word “investment” makes them squeamish. The world of investing is big, fast-moving, complicated and at times has large stakes on the line. Images of computers with six screens, crazy complicated graphs, and calculators with paper tape spilling onto the floor make investing scary to the average person. 

Finding promising investment opportunities can be very challenging. Should you buy Facebook or Google’s stock, Bank of America or JP Morgan’s? Deciding between investment opportunities can be very tough. With virtually limitless amounts of information available, and new investment products being created almost daily, how is anyone supposed to know what’s the right investment for them. We at EquityBee want to help change this and make investing easier to understand.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about investing is that when done properly, investing can be rewarding. In fact, it is estimated that the wealthiest 1% in the US earn almost 30% of their income from investments [1]. Learning ways to intelligently make investments that provide a passive income may create a long-lasting, beneficial impact. We at EquityBee have a few tactics designed to make investing easier. Investing through our investor dashboard is a way to remove some of the difficulty. If you’re unfamiliar, check out our website to learn more about how our investment process works.


1) Let the Professionals help you with the Heavy Lifting

Making an educated investment requires a lot of research, or in investment lingo, due diligence. It is very important to perform proper due diligence on an investment opportunity. This takes time and money, and we mean a lot of both. It’s not uncommon for a professional investor to spend years researching an opportunity before writing a check. Alongside the man-hours, there are usually hefty fees to lawyers, accountants and a plethora of other consultants. Investing through EquityBee’s investor dashboard offers an easier way to invest. The investment opportunities offered through EquityBee are companies that are backed by some of the world’s leading VC investors. These VC firms have done extensive due diligence before investing in the companies on our platform. Investing in opportunities backed by investors you follow, who have already done due diligence on the companies,
can be a great tactic to supplement your own research.

2) Get In-the-Black from Day One

“It’s Difficult to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future” is a great Danish proverb. This simple observation is what makes investing so difficult – not knowing exactly what will happen to your investment down the road. Will the Fed raise or lower rates, what will happen to unemployment numbers, who will win the next election, or who will be fighting whom? These questions can have a serious impact on your investment returns, but the answers are unknown when making your investment. Our platform helps with some of these unknowns by offering investments that are already deep-in-the-money at the time of investment. As part of our Investor Community, you get to make investments through an employees’ stock options that were previously granted. This time delay generally means that your investment is made at a discount to current market value. Hence how your investment can show a paper return from the first day. Another tactic we recommend on our platform is investing in opportunities already deep-in-the-money, increasing your chances of generating return.

3) Diversification Made Easy

Previous studies have shown that over 90% of investment outcomes can be explained by asset allocation [2]. Diversifying investments across industries is a great way to decrease the volatility of your portfolio. The goal is to achieve optimal returns while minimizing volatility by investing in different industries that would each react differently to the same unique event. Our platform offers an easier way to employ this tactic. During just the past month, we’ve offered investments in fintech, cyber security, HealthTech, enterprise software, among other industries. Sign up for yourself and see how you may diversify your investments can be through EquityBee.


Unprecedented Access

We at EquityBee built our product to help both employees and investors fill a large hole we saw in the employee stock option funding market. Along the way, we quickly realized another great benefit of our platform for investors. Not only do investors have several investing tactics described in this post, investors also get investment access through our investor dashboard. Investing in companies like Facebook, Zoom and Pinterest, well before their IPOs has traditionally only been something available to large institutional investors and top VCs. However, through our platform, accredited investors are granted access to similar opportunities just like those three former unicorns. Now you can also invest, and potentially at a discount, on the next undiscovered unicorn.

Key Takeaways

We don’t want investing to be scary. Nor do we want investing to be difficult. We want to help make investing simpler to understand. Feel free to reach out and learn how to join our Investor Community.



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