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EquityBee Raises Additional $57 Million From Repeat Investor Group 11

EquityBee Raises Additional $57 Million From Repeat Investor Group 11

The US team

Today, we’re announcing a $57 million Series B funding. The round was led by existing investor Group 11, with participation from new investor Greenfield Partners, as well as Battery Ventures, Local Globe and ICON.

We are humbled that people are turning to EquityBee to participate in the success of the companies they themselves–the hardworking startup employees, that is–have helped build.

But more than that, that our investors have decided to preemptively raise our Series B well ahead of schedule, it means there is significant buy-in for our work and its outcomes.

During this unusually active time for high-growth and pre-IPO companies (IPO’s, acquisitions, and SPAC’s: Oh my!), startup employees’ equity is really heating up.
And we are immeasurably proud to be the platform they are choosing to 1) better understand and 2) secure the financial future that they’ve earned, but may not be able to afford to access.

We’re delighted more people choose to work with EquityBee, from the employees who need capital in order to exercise the options they would previously have been priced out of purchasing, to our investor network looking to take part in the rush of liquidity events occurring at breakneck speed. 

We will continue to remain focused on always enhancing the experience we provide our customers.
With this funding, we’ll continue to invest in scaling our platform, building new products, and accelerating build-out of our operations.
This includes hiring the best of the best across our offices in the heart of Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.

The Israeli team

Thank you to all of our customers for being a part of this journey, whether you’re new to EquityBee or have been with us every step of the way since our inception.
Together, we will pave the way for an Open Options for All marketplace in which no dynamic startup employee should be left out of benefitting from their company’s financial wins.

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